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You Be Good Now

You Be Good Now

Mostly n'importe quoi. En Français and English.

Tout pour le week-end #18/ How to enjoy your weekend #18

Source: www.theredlist.com

Source: www.theredlist.com


This is not a recent article, but I wanted to feature it because I just visited #11!

A Photo Series

A Novel

Young Hearts Crying - Richard Yates (1984)

Oeuvre non traduite en Français

Source: www.richardyates.org

Source: www.richardyates.org

I hate talking aout books almost as much as I hate talking about movies, so here's an extract from a NYT review:

Mr. Yates is seen as turning the tide, or holding the line, against a general moral and esthetic deterioration. We know where we are with him: in the American mainstream. Hemingway and Fitzgerald are waving from the banks of the stream and they can be heard in Mr. Yates's pages. Like Hemingway's heroes, Mr. Yates's male protagonists worry about their masculinity and talk at length about the integrity of art. Like Fitzgerald's men, they care about style and status and drink a lot to keep up their courage.

Anatole Broyard for the New York Times

Un Article

Une relation père-fille

Une Femme

Une Question

Animals licking glass/ Des animaux léchant des vitres

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