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You Be Good Now

You Be Good Now

Mostly n'importe quoi. En Français and English.

Tout pour le week-end #22/How to enjoy your weekend #22

Source: 40.media.tumblr.com

Source: 40.media.tumblr.com

A Change

Un Evènement

A Movie/ Un Film

Holy Smoke - Jane Campion (1999)

In order to save her daughter (Kate Winslet) from a cult, an Australian mother decides to hire an expert (Harvey Keitel) to "reprogram" her.

Holy Smoke is the exact opposite of many Jane Campion movies in that it is absolutely not slow and contemplative. There's still some Harvey Keitel nudity though.

Source: lajupettedejeannette.com

Source: lajupettedejeannette.com

Source: static.cinemagia.ro

Source: static.cinemagia.ro

Tarot Cards Come to Life

Cruise Ships

Winter in a Faraway Land

A Music Video/ Un Clip

Frank Ferdinand and Sparks - Johnny Delusional

A Band/ Un groupe de musique


Une Injustice

Une Question

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