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You Be Good Now

You Be Good Now

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Your Weekly Press Review (04/04)

Here are some of the stories you should not miss this week.

Explosion of a downed Azerbaijani drone © Vahram Baghdasaryan/Photolure, via Associated Press - Source: nytimes.com

Explosion of a downed Azerbaijani drone © Vahram Baghdasaryan/Photolure, via Associated Press - Source: nytimes.com

Law HB2, which has been under fire because of its anti-LGBT stance, might make it more difficult to protect North Carolina workers from discrimination in general.

HB2 is more evidence that the forces behind this backlash have a larger agenda than simply attacking marriage rights for same-sex couples [...] They also seek to unravel protections against race discrimination in public accommodations and other contexts.

Katherine Franke, director of Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law

The Supreme Court favored equal representation by deeming Texas's "One person, one vote" reapportionment compatible with the Constitution. However, this doesn't rule out future attempts to dilute minority vote representation.

About 200 migrants have been sent back from Europe to Turkey as part of a controversial plan aimed at deporting illegal migrants allegedly to facilitate the admission of legal Syrian refugees.

An ethnic conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijani is flaring up.

I think this is war.

Lev Gevorkyan, 67

After a series of defeats, Isis appears weakened, but the group's past adaptability seems to indicate that major fights are yet to come.

A vast leak of documents revealed the identity of some users of financial offshore services. To date, the most prominent casualty of those revelations is Iceland's prime minister, who was forced to resign.

Update 10:09pm: PM of Iceland claims he did not resign.

Photographer Rachel Boillot chronicles the shutdown of post offices in the rural South.

I’m learning so much and being shaped by tough people who grew up during the depression in Appalachia and they’ve let me into their homes and shared their most intimate stories with me. It has been a powerful experience.

Rachel Boillot

Scientists have discovered that some birds sing with their wings rather than with their voice.

A Sailor Moon themed cafe is about to open in Tokyo. It will serve burgers designed to look like Usagi's crystal star compact.

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