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You Be Good Now

You Be Good Now

Mostly n'importe quoi. En Français and English.

Tout pour le week-end #67/ How to enjoy your weekend #67

Via: buzzfeed.com - Original image: beyondfrosting.com

Via: buzzfeed.com - Original image: beyondfrosting.com

Prize Rabbits

No-Bake Cheesecakes

Why would only "girls" want to know about them though?

The (Sort of Real) Differences Between American and French Girls

A Film Analysis (on Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette)

Contrary to what is said in this video though, Marie Antoinette was not France's last queen. Tssk tssk tssk.

A Novel:

Ceremony - Leslie Marmon Silko (1977)

He cried the relief he felt at finally seeing the pattern, the way all the stories fit together—the old stories, the war stories, their stories—to become the story that was still being told. He was not crazy; he had never been crazy. He had only seen and heard the world as it always was: no boundaries, only transitions through all distances and time.

Via: amazon.com

Via: amazon.com

When he returns to New Mexico after fighting in the Pacific during WWII, Tayo, a mixed-race Native American (his anonymous father was a white man) has to go back to his old life and the responsibilities that come with it. However, because of what he lived through as a prisoner of war, he has to do so while dealing with a form of trauma we now call PTSD. The structure of Ceremony is rather loose as it goes back and forth in time and alternates between different points of view. Silko incorporates ultra-realistic issues like poverty, racism and alcoholism in a world that is saturated with magic, a world harmed by "wizardry" and whose balance can be restored only through the right kind of spiritual process. Silko's writing style is very symbolical, full of riddles, eerie images and poetry. In fact, she blended actual poems into the pages of Ceremony, which gives it a unique character. For Silko, storytelling doesn't have to be strictly linear or rational, it can be cyclical and lyrical, and, above all, it has to be harmonious as to preserve the integrity of the universe.

A Music Video/ Un Clip

Une Chanson

Un duo de journalistes féministes

Des Lucioles

Un quiz sur la géographie de la France

Have an extraordinary weekend!/ Passez un week-end extraordinaire!

Via: giphy.com

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